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Short Term Let Scotland

Updated: Jun 20

Picture the situation! You’re head of HR and Personnel for a company based in southern England, and a manager has gone on long term leave due to illness in your regional branch based in Glasgow! You have identified someone at head office to take on their role who has the knowledge and know-how within the business to fulfil this position for the next 2-3 months. The person needs to start in 10 days’ time!

Or, a new IT system must be installed in your Scottish branch, its going to need your head of IT, based in the Midlands, to spend the next two months installing the software and training staff.

Short Term Let Scotland

Not an uncommon situation for many medium to large sized businesses.

Booking a hotel for three months is out of the question due to cost, and the willing staff member, or your IT person, who wants that home-from-home feel, privacy, to be able to cater for themselves, and be able to bring their dog with them!

Short term rentals in Scotland are becoming increasingly popular as companies look for alternative accommodation solutions to those offered through the large and medium hotel chains. These short-term rentals offer numerous advantages to businesses, from cost savings to flexibility and convenience. Companies can save money by renting short-term accommodation instead of buying or leasing property, and they can also benefit from the flexibility of being able to quickly move in and out of the property if needed. Additionally, short-term rental properties often come with amenities that make them ideal for corporate use, such as fully equipped kitchens and laundry facilities, parking and wi-fi. With the right accommodation provider, companies can enjoy all of these benefits while enjoying a comfortable stay in Scotland.

Short Term Let Glasgow
Flyt Stays - Irongray House, Glasgow

Short Term Let Glasgow

That’s what we offer at Flyt Stays. Our apartments and homes offer a range of benefits for businesses looking to house staff over the short to medium term, with a comfortable and convenient place to stay in Scotland. From fully furnished rooms with all the amenities you need, to flexible rental terms, our properties provide an ideal solution for those who want to enjoy the comforts of home without having to worry about long-term commitments. Our prices are very transparent, there are no property rates or utility bills at the end of your stay, it’s an all-inclusive prices shown on the site, with just cleaning charges shown as you book to cover the period you stayed. Our system also has the added benefit that you can book now and pay later, with a FREE cancellation period depending on how close to the occupation time you book.

We carefully select the properties that we have on our site, with personal inspections by our staff, to ensure you will be comfortable during your stay. All our properties have Wi-Fi, parking and desk space to be able to work in comfort.

We have properties situated the length and breath of Scotland, from Knock in Aberdeenshire to Glasgow, which allow businesses who trade throughout Scotland to be able to provide their staff with a short term let in Scotland, in quality accommodation as they travel and work throughout the country.

Short Term Let Scotland

Work away from Home

Checkout all of the properties on our website and plan your staff’s stay with us now.

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