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Leveraging Your Buy-to-Let Property


Are you a property owner looking to maximize the returns on your buy-to-let investment? If you're seeking a way to generate more income from your property while navigating fewer regulations compared to traditional renting, then consider the realm of serviced accommodation.


A Lucrative Alternative with Minimal Hassle


Serviced accommodation offers a promising avenue for landlords to boost their earnings while enjoying a streamlined approach to property management. With fewer regulatory constraints compared to long-term rentals, you can experience increased income and enhanced security, making it a truly advantageous choice.


Seamlessly Managed Properties for Landlords


Tired of the constant turnover of guests and the associated time commitment? Look no further than Flyt Stays, your solution to effortless property management.


Our dedicated team handles all aspects of your serviced accommodation, leaving you with the peace of mind that comes from consistent monthly income and minimal hands-on involvement.


Embrace a new era of property investment with Flyt Stays – where we take care of the details so you can savor the rewards.



Earn with Flyt

Exploring Property Investment Opportunities


Maybe you don't have a buy to let, but you are interested in the investment serviced accommodation could make to your life. Flyt Properties is where Flyt was born. Our first company supports people to become or progress as property investors. From sourcing the right property, and managing renovations to managing the chosen final strategy. We are here to help!

A Glimpse at the Numbers


One of our properties is valued at £180,000. By leveraging serviced accommodation, you will achieve impressive returns. With an average nightly rate of £250 and an occupancy rate of 28 days per month, this translates to a monthly income of £7,500.


Moreover, the initial investment for the property was £70,000, which covered the deposit, refurbishments, and furnishings.

Extra income

No Worries

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Click the button below to email and arrange a call with our Managing Director William to discuss this opportunity further. 


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